Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First day in Minneapolis

Today it became quite apparent how much we've been spoiled over the last week in Cable. For one thing, the food here is not nearly as varied or as plentiful as it was in Telemark. Much more importantly though, there is no snow at all in the town, and the race course looks like they usually do in Europe. The snow is brown in places and there's barely enough to cover the golf course we are skiing on. When we got to the race site this morning, tomorrow's course wasn't even marked. And by the time we left they were still trying to figure out whether we were going to be racing clockwise or counter-clockwise! But Brian and I skied the race course quite a few times, dodging sitskiers, who were skiing the other way, and tripping over Klister all the while. Good thing tomorrow's races are sprints and we're skating on Thursday!

So I start at 10:21 tomorrow for my qualifying race. There are only 7 girls in my category and we're not sure how many will advance. It will be either all of us and we will have semi-finals or only the first 4 and we'll just have finals. I'm inclined to think it will be all of us and I will get to do at least two races. We will see tomorrow though.

All right, I will now go to bed and dream fast dreams before tomorrow's fast race.

Good night from unseasonably warm Minnesota.

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  1. Hey, just remember we have skied on courses that had us going over irrigation pipes! No problem, you can handle it! Plus you have had the secret power boost of chocolate chip cookies!

  2. Hahaha you are right, Courtney. I was just telling Ken about THAT race!