Thursday, March 6, 2014

Some photos from Sochi

We've now been here in Sochi for a few days, settling in to the Endurance Village, getting used to the courses and getting over jetlag. Most of us are still waking up at 4, but we hope this will stop soon. 

Yesterday was the Team Canada Welcome Ceremony at the Mountain Village. It's a pretty long trek out there, but it was a fun trip. We got to see the other village, meet some of our teammates from other sports, hear a Siberian choir, meet some local children and volunteers and, most importanly, see our flag raised in Sochi! Here are a few photos from the event:
Robbi, Brittany and I all decked out in our Canada gear for the Welcome Ceremony.

Louis introducing a new style

At the Ceremony

The Paralympic mascots: Snowflake and Ray of Light

Today was a gorgeous day at "Laura." We enjoyed dazzling sunshine and hard-packed snow conditions this morning. It actually froze overnight and the conditions were perfect! We took the opportunity to snap some photos. My philosophy is always to bring my camera if it's sunny out because you never know if there will be another sunny day! It really worked for me last year (see blog header photo).

Brittany, Andrea and I out on the course

The back of the Paralympic symbol from the top of the course

Andrea and I with the stadium in the background

So today we did some training with a few short sprints and I did some shooting. All of the biathlon rifles are new this year, and they seem to be so much better than the old ones. They are a lot more consistent in the way they sound. I am looking forward to the biathlon race in 2 days' time.

Tomorrow are the Opening Ceremonies, which will definitely be exciting, and my first race is the day after that. The Games are finally about to begin! 

That's all from me for now. Good night from the Endurance Village.


  1. Another Margarita in the media siting - there you are behind and a little to the right of the guy in the centre of the photo!

  2. And Cliff pointed this article out:

    So much more coverage for these Games! Enjoy everything - we're all cheering for you and your team-mates!!

  3. AWESOME JOB MARGARITA! Keep it up! Stellar! Whooo hooo!!!