Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sprint races and more

Yesterday I competed in the sprints in the middle of a snowstorm. Yes, apparently, "Laura" can actually look like winter. 

My category was very small as usual at these Games: only 7 girls competed. The kicker was that 6 would advance to the semis and one would be eliminated in qualification. I won't say much about the race other than that Andrea and I gave it all we had and skied the best race we could have skied, but, unfortunately, we ended up being that 7th team that got eliminated. We were pretty disappointed of course, but we did do our very best and that was all we could have done. We've both been sick with a head cold for pretty much the entire Games, so that didn't help either. I was actually feeling pretty rough this morning, and so am glad of a few days recovery time before my next and final race: the 5 km skate.

The 5 km skate tends to be my best race, so I am glad I can rest and get ready for it properly. Tomorrow there is a long biathlon race, which 2 of my teammates will compete in, and the day after that are team relays. Canada will field a team for the open relay. We also had the possibility of fielding one for the lower-percentage mixed relay, but the numbers don't work out well and, if we did field a team, either Brittany or I would have to ski two legs of the relay, which neither one of us is keen on doing the day before the 5 km race. So I think we will just watch our other team and be spectators for the day. So all this means that I have 3 days before my next race, which is on the last day of the Games.

Tonight we are planning to go down to the coast to take in the Canada-US semi-final hockey game. We are all pretty excited about it. Some of us are also hoping to check out the other venues and do some shopping while we're down there. It will be so nice just to get off the mountain for a bit and to see and do something different. We've basically been up here training and racing since the Opening Ceremonies. Hopefully I'll be able to get some good photos I can post on here. I know I've been kind of bad at posting photos, but I haven't really had time to take any. 

Well, that's all from me for now. Good afternoon from the Endurance Village once again.

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