Tuesday, March 4, 2014

First couple of days in Sochi

We arrived in Sochi yesterday morning super tired, hungry and sleep deprived. I managed to stay up all of yesterday before finally crashing just before 9 p.m. In the time between our arrival and going to bed, we managed to try on all of our CPC clothing, go for a short ski, have a team meeting to recieve yet more clothing and do a few other logistical things. 

The accommodations here are pretty spectacular! Apparently, the "Endurance Village" is destined to become a 5-star resort after the Games are over. I will post some photos later when I have time to take some. Here's one of our room upon arrival though:

This is all the stuff that was waiting for us in our room. Pretty nice, eh?\

Today was another busy day. Andrea and I skied twice. This morning was pretty good, and I was actually able to ski wearing a warm-up jacket and not boil. The courses seem to be exactly the same as last year, so I definitely feel better prepared because I have seen them before. It had rained all of last night, so the snow was pretty well compacted in the morning. By the time we skied our third lap though, it was pretty soft and mushy especially on the uphills. When we tried classic this afternoon, it was so soft and wet, we were falling though it in the tracks. I wore a t-shirt to ski and was still sweating. It is crazy warm here. I really hope it cools off some before the races!

Well, tomorrow is going to be a very busy day with skiing, a team orientation, welcome ceremony, etc. so I had better head to bed to try to fight jetlag some more. 

Good night from Sochi!

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