Friday, March 14, 2014

Hockey game adventure

So there's been a slight change of plans, and by slight, I mean big. We're now doing the relay tomorrow and it will consist of Sebastien, Robbi and me (provided I'm feeling ok enough to race). I will mostly likely race it unless I'm really feeling worse tomorrow. 

Today I woke up feeling even worse than yesterday, so, other than our short ski this morning to check out tomorrow's relay course, I've been lying low all day, just chilling, mostly reading Facebook and Skyping with a couple of people. I hope this boring day will help me kick this cold once and for all so my last two races can be awesome!

Yesterday, we finally got to get off this mountain for a bit to take in some sledge hockey action. Canada played the U.S. in the semi, and unfortunately lost 3-0. But we still had a fun evening.
this was taken on the gondola ride down the mountain. We were all dressed in our Canada red to cheer on Team Canada. Apparently, these toques are a real hot commodity among the volunteers here. They have all been asking us to trade for one non-stop. Of course, because they want them so bad, we now really really like them and don't want to part with them. :)

Yes, these are palm trees which we saw plenty of on our way down to the Coastal Cluster. We ended up taking the really scenic route as we got lost, then got really lost, then got really really lost and had to use me as an interpreter to get us to our desitantion. These must illustrate the "Hot." component of the "Hot. Cool. Yours." slogan.

We found this Olympic ring as we finally got on the right route.

This is the McDonald's at the coastal village.We don't have one up here, so you can bet we got coffee and had dinner there. Don't worry, all I had was a wrap and a salad, nothing too unhealthy!

This, of course, is the hockey game. When we were leaving the game and all through the evening, people kept approaching us to take pictures with us or to trade our toques for volunteer gear. In fact, every time we would let someone take a photo with us, a line would form! It was unreal. As Mike said, this must be what it's like to be a rockstar!

And a photo of the Paralympic Flame as we were leaving the Shaiba Arena. I actually got a whole bunch of them, but it started raining, and my camera lens must have gotten wet, because they all have raindrops on them. 

So that was our night last night. Disappointing but memorable. 

Now I better head to bed for a good rest before tomorrow's relay. Our start time is 10 a.m.!

Good night from Sochi!

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  1. I have a GREAT idea, let's find the hottest place possible and hold not 1 but 2 winter sporting events there. Dang, I was beaten to the punch!