Thursday, November 26, 2009

Arrived at destination

After a bit of a series of unfortunate events involving Alexei and I trying - very unsuccessfully - to use our Elite Podium privileges with Air Canada and WestJet losing Jamie's bag on a flight from Vancouver of all places, Alexei, Jamie and I finally arrived in Canmore.

The weather at the Calgary Airport was balmy to say the least: 14 degrees Celsius! Canmore is only slightly cooler, and there's not a trace of snow on the ground. The locals tell me that there is snow up at the Nordic Centre, but it's pretty hard and icy...typical early-season Canmore.

So we've got a packed schedule tomorrow: skiing and shooting in the morning; meetings with Cross Country Canada people after lunch; hopefully a bit of a ski with my guide, whom I have not yet met, in the late afternoon; and dinner at Andrea's in the evening!

I guess I'd better do like the rest of them and get some shut-eye. We haven't even seen our coach yet to really find out what's going on. I could have it completely wrong!

If you read this and find tons of mistakes, do take into account that it is very late: almost 2 a.m. Ontario time. I will fix everything later.

Good night!

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  1. Sorry I hadn't read your updates until today, but I read every single one now! :)