Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quick update

Following the team captains' meeting, we have learned that the races start at 11:00 tomorrow. I'm bib number 60, starting at 11:20 sharp. Twenty-second interval starts. Altogether, during our part of the race, there will be 154 biathletes on course! It'll be a zoo, but definitely good practice for passing, yiedling, etc. The course has changed again too. No more crazy sharp corner around the cross-country stradium, but there'll still be a good corner for us that I have not yet tried. Fun fun fun!

Come out and cheer us on if you're in the area!

Good night from Canmore.


  1. Hi Margarita! I hope you have a good ski today! YOu are very brave to show up at a race, and go out with a guide you have not worked with before. I would be a nervouse wreck, I need to build trust, to gain confidance in the guides ability to keep me safe. Otherwise my nerves won't let me go fast! How do you train yourself to trust??????
    See you next weekend for some non-ski related shopping. Do you know who I am yet???

  2. Yes, Leona, I think I might have an inkling as to who you are! And it wasn't because Cliff told me, well, not entirely :)

    I don't know how I can trust a guide I've never skied with, but I guess if it's someone with lots of experience like John, it's easier to do so. We do take the downhill corners pretty slow though especially the first time around. It might be harder to put your trust into someone when you're doing downhill skiing. Much more risk involved!