Monday, January 25, 2010

Story of the week

So I thought of a new category of blog posts to add to my little collection. Once every week, while I’m away anyway, I will try to post a “story of the week.”

This week’s story has been repeated a few times by everyone and we’ve found it pretty entertaining, but you can decide if it’s one of those “you had to be there” kind of things. I was sort of there, even though I missed the first part of the action. Anyway, here’s the story.

So on the day that we organized the skis and poles in our wax hut, Courtney decided that before going skiing she would put her post-workout snack and her sunglasses into her overboot that she wears to walk back to our hotel. It seemed like as good a storage spot as any I guess. Of course, by the time she got back from her ski and we organized our wax room, she had completely forgotten that she did this. So she puts on her boot and goes “oh why doesn’t it fit! What’s wrong with it?” while she’s trying to jam her foot further into it. I was just coming back from putting something in the van, and here comes Courtney running out, saying “oh this is so gross!” and all I can smell is banana, so I very innocently ask why it smells like banana in here, and they tell me that Courtney put her banana in her boot, “so that she wouldn’t step on it!” Of course, now everyone is always offering Courtney over-ripe bananas and I was tempted to stick the one I have laying around on my nightstand into her boot when I brought them back from the wax hut for her yesterday. In case you’re wondering, her sunglasses were fine, just a little banana-y.

And that’s this week’s story. It still cracks me up even writing it!

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