Monday, March 1, 2010

Canmore: Day 3: Just taking it easy

Canmore gets a perfect 10 for weather and snow conditions today! It is so beautiful and sunny here that everyone can't help but think of spring. Yet the artificial snow is holding up well to the warm weather: the conditions were just as hard and fast this morning as they have been. Somebody said that it got up to 10 degrees here yesterday!

Today most of us just went for an easy ski. I've still got a pretty bad cough, so I'm just trying to work on getting better. Patti did a bit of coaching with me today though, helping me to figure out how to stay balanced on the downhills (which are my major weakness), and how to use my arms to help me go faster. It was a very productive little session, now I just have to remember what she said and use it in my races.

Everyone who is not going to the Paralympics went home today, but we got a team picture before they all left.

After that, the rest of us Development kids, namely, Alexei, Robert and I, moved to Andrea's parents' gorgeous house. This place is like a dream house: it's huge, all wood inside with wall-size windows. And it overlooks the golf course! I get a bedroom all to myself because I'm sick. Andrea graciously offered me her own room, so that I wouldn't get Courtney sick. They have a 50-inch TV over the fireplace downstairs and a steam room in their shower. I just took advantage of the latter, and think that is the only way to shower. The house is also built into a hillside, so the whole front of it sort of overlooks a cliff. Here's a view from the patio
and a view of the house, though that is only part of it.

So tonight Andrea is taking us to a yoga class and we're having supper made up of whatever leftovers we can find. We want to finish everything before we go and get groceries for the week.


  1. What a beautiful house and the inside sounds just as nice as the outside.
    I'm curious, what happened to your closing catch phrase? Neither this post nor your last post had it.
    Rest up and I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Haha, I thought it got a little repetetive, so I've stopped putting it in everywhere, but maybe I'll start again if you like it. :)