Thursday, March 11, 2010

Go Team Canada!

Today was a really exciting day! We had our official Village Welcome ceremony this afternoon. It was great! They had representatives from the four host nations welcome us and sing to us, about a hundred super pumped volunteers cheer for us and take tons of pictures as well as insprational videos including one from Rick Mercer. Laura Vandervoort was tere (somehow I seem to be the only one who knows who she is!). She did a great speech welcoming us and wishing us all the best. There was, of course, all the official stuff, such as the flag-raising ceremonies and some officials talking, but the mood was really festive and everyone was really excited. At the end, the Host Nations led everyone in a dance, and then we took lots of photos. Here's a sampling.

I did get a picture with Laura, but unfortunately it's on Robert's camera. I will get it from him tomorrow and post it espcially for Cliff! :) Everyone went for supper right after the team picture, but Robert, Jamie, Alexei and I stayed behind and took all of these pictures as well as a whole bunch with different volunteers. My doping control officer from yesterday happened on the scene around that time and was swiftly recruited as our photographer. When we walked back to the Dining Hall for supper, some of the volunteers asked us if we wanted to go for beers! We asked if we could take a rain check untill the last night of the Games: we are after all in training!

This was by far the most exciting part of my day, but the rest of the day was pretty good also. I was pretty busy all day. We went skiing at 9 o'clock this morning again. The trails have softened up quite a bit since yesterday as it appears Callaghan got a good dumping of snow last night. The conditions were a lot slower, which was fine with me, but not with most other people. The corners have become a lot more challenging to navigate becauce of all the loose snow. It's easy to catch a clump and go down. Robert and I worked on some of the more difficult turns today and are happy to report that we were able to find a way to negociate all of them safely (after a few falls and some advice from coaches and teammates). Tomorrow we will go do some classic so that we can report back to our wax techs about what wax works for us and what doesn't.

Oh, and I think I'm feeling a bit better today. I still had trouble breathing and my muslces felt weak, but I think I am regaining my health. Well, I need to go to bed as sleep is one of the best things for you when recovering from an illness. Good night from the Athletes Lounge!

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