Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Germany: Day 1 - We ARE here

Well, after I had posted that entry yesterday, we were still stuck in Bessans for a number of hours. Eurocar, the company that we rented our vehicles from, apparently sent out a mechanic at 2 in the morning the day before to fix our van, which had frozen. That smart guy promptly punctured our fuel line, rendering the booster cables that we got from Patrice's father-in-law pretty useless. So eventually, after we'd had lunch at the Fringale across the street, we took a $650 cab ride to the Geneva Airport, which we were able to charge to Eurocar thankfully, and rented another van, also at Eurocar's expense. That was after Harris had spent the entire mornng and half of the afternoon on the phone with some guy called Mustafa from Eurocar. Thank God for Harris!

Anyway, we finally got to Oberried deep in the Black Forest of Germany just after 10 o'clock last night. What's a World Cup trip without an adventure, right Patti? We, the four girls, are staying in a nice little apartment full of cute little knick-knacks and equipped with a washer and a nice big kitchen. We're going to be eating most of our meals at the restaurant across the street, but it's still nice to have a kitchen.

Wer just had a nice big German breakfast, complete with bread, ham, cheese and very good coffee. We'll be going skiing in a bit. It's a little further of a drive to the trails than in Bessans, but it's still pretty close to here. I hope we can go do some exploring around town this afternoon as well. I'll be on the lookout for Black Forest cake. Oh, and it IS much warmer here and much lower. We're at 450 metres of altitude and it's something like -2 outside.

Good morning from Oberried.


  1. I'm glad that things worked out. If you find some Black Forest cake, make sure that you bring some home for me :-)

  2. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't survive the flight, and not just because I wouldn't be able to resist temptation.

  3. Mom and I are glad that you made it safe and sound. Sounds like you are having quite an adventure, lol. If you find that black forest cake, make sure you eat a big piece for me.