Sunday, February 7, 2010

Germany: Day 7: Biathlon short and a night out

Today the Notschrei Nordic Centre was a total twilight zone. It was so foggy you could hardly see in front of you. And that went for the guides as well as the blind skiers. The guns were acting very strangely too: most of them were faulty for some reason, and they had to change the start times and the length of the intervals between skiers in order for everyone to be able to have a gun when they got to the range. Only about half of them were operational!

Overall, I was happy with my race today, even though I hit a few snags on the way. My shooting was not too good: only 6 out of 10, so I had to ski 4 penalty loops, and on the second lap, I caught a rut or something on the biggest downhill and went for quite a tumble. I actually went head over heels once after I fell! I'm sure the volunteers that were standing right at that spot got a good show. I wish I could've seen it myself! It took me a while to recover after that fall, but I really gave'er once I got up. It was only after the race, when the adrenaline rush had passed, that I realized I hurt my ankle. I'm sure it's notthing serious, just a minor sprain, but I'm glad this happened in the last race, not the first.

After the races were done and we packed up our skis, we went to Freibourg for a bit of sightseeing and to celebrate the end of the World Cups. It's a really nice small city with cobble-stone streets, colourful old buildings, a huge cathedral and dozens of small shops. Unfortunately, they were all closed today becasue it's Sunday, but here is a picture of one of the streets. Note all the bicycles.

After we'd walked around the old town for a bit, we decided that we must do as the Germans do and sample some German beer. Now I don't normally drink beer, but I had to this time - I was in Germany for crying out loud! So we found a little pub and had a beer and a pretzel each. And then Jamie decided that we should order one of these samplers in order to taste a variety of beers from the area. Now I don't know much about beer or if it's good or not, but tasting all those different beers sure was fun.
Alright, it's definitely past the time I should be in bed. Breakfast is at 6 tomorrow and then we're off to Canada. It'll be a very long day, so I'd better try to get a little sleep. Good night for the last time from Oberried.

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