Monday, February 1, 2010

Travel day...maybe?

I know I haven't posted in a while, but things have been pretty hectic around here. The last two days we've had races, then I had to pack and clean up last night.

We were supposed to have been on our merry way to Germany by now, but our diesel van is frozen solid and so is the "A" team's Hertz van. It went down to -22 last night, so no wonder. Good news though, I just heard that Kaspar got the Hertz running, and he's about to show Harris what to do to get ours running. So we might be outta here sooner than I'd thought.

Quick update. Yesterday was the 5 km classic race, and it went great. I reallhy enjoyed finally doing some classic technique. I was 9th, just behind Robbi, and I got World Cup points, so I'm quite happy with my race. It went really well, except that I took a quick fall on the big left-turn downhill because the tracks started a little bit too soon after the turn and I caught them and went down. I got up really quickly and got right back into the race, so it hardly slowed me down.

Saturday's biathlon race was not bad either. I shot well agian: 17 out of 20 even though it was a windy day. I was 1 minute and 1 second out of the points though and finished just behind Robbi as well. I took a pretty good tumble though on the very last downhill before entering the stadium on the last lap. I caught a rut in the snow, did the splits and went down hard. Somehow in the process of falling I got a cramp in my calf and had lots of trouble getting up. Once I got up though, I couldn't move for a little while because, apparently, the fall sort of knocked my breath out. Harris was standing right at that spot on the course, and he kept telling me to get going because I apparently had started sliding backwards. I never noticed though! Anyway, stuff like that happens in races, so it's alright. Kind of funny actually.

Yesterday, after Courtney and I packed our skis in the wax room, we went and took a bunch of pictures with the Beamer's cup that I brought from Canmore. If you've been reading my blog all along, you might recall that Andrea,  Courtney and I had planned to take one of those coffee cups with us to Europe and bring some pictures with it back to Beamer's when we go to Canmore for Nationals next month. They have a digital picture frame with all kinds of pictures of people with their cups from all over the world. Here are a few that Courtney and I took yesterday.

I think they turned out pretty good, thanks to my super awesome new camera.

Last night we had our last supper here at Patrice's restaurant. He said that for our last day he would treat us to wine and cheese "du pays" (from this region). So we got to try some superb red and white wine from around here and some Beaufort, Tomne and Bleu de Bonne Val cheeses. It was all so good and so French.

Ok, that's all for now. I have to go help the girls clean the other people's dirty appartments, and then we can hopefully be on our merry way fianlly. Let's hope it's a little warmer in Germany too, but not too warm! We do need snow.

Good morning from Bessnas for the last time (I hope).


  1. I'm so glad that you are doing well. I sure hope that you get the vehicles going and that Germany is a little warmer for you guys. It's been cold here too. Just not quite that cold. Keep posting and taking good pictures. Good luck to you all and remember to enjoy yourself. :)

  2. Thanks, Tanya!

    We got to Germany safe and sound and it IS warmer. I'll post an entry now. Thanks for reading!