Thursday, February 25, 2010

Last day at home

My brief sojourn at home is coming to an end, and I'm off to Canmore, Alberta, for Para-Nordic Nationals tomorrow. I seem to have developed a bit of a cold in the last couple of days, which really sucks, but at least I have a chance to fight it off before the Games. I think it's already getting better. We have only two races at Nationals this year: a 10 km free on Saturday and a 5 km classic on Sunday. Those races are also not the most important of the season, so if I don't do the greatest due to being under the weather, it's not the end of the world. After Nationals, we get to hang out in Canmore for about a week and train, and from there the ones that make the Paralympic team are off to Whistler. The official team announcement has been put off until March 2nd, so I can't yet say for sure whether I get to go or not, but I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed. I hope you are too. For now, you can see my Paralympic hopeful bio on this page. The CPC site seems to be very slow, so be patient.

This week, my friend Leona organized a send-off party for my guide, Robert, and me. It was held at the Blue Cactus restaurant in the Market, and quite a few of my friends came out to visit with us and wish us good luck. It was really great to see everyone. Thank you all so much for coming, and thank you Leona for organizing and hosting. Leona also made an amazing cake. It was a snowy mountain with hills, ski tracks, Canadian flags and banners on it. It was also very tasty (I was very happy that it was chocolate inside; Leona knows me well!). All in all, a great night out with friends. Well, I'm off to finish packing and watch some figure skating. Good night!

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  1. I'm cut out of the picture at Blue Cactus!!! Oh well. That was a pretty fun night. Drinks afterwards were good too. Have fun in Canmore! Don't go having TOO much fun now!