Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Germany: Day 2 - Let's train in the rain

Yes, it is raining outside and very windy. And yes, we're going skiing in just over an hour. Today is the official training for the classic sprints tomorrow - might be an opportunity for us to use our "Zero" skis (skis that have a special chemical base that does not require waxing and will provide grip in very warm fresh snow). In the last couple of years they have become a must in Europe and Whistler. Of course, we don't get too many chances to practise on them in Ottawa, considering as how we usually have perfect cold snow conditions (except right now I hear).

So we went up to our race site yesterday, and it actually literally was "up" that we had to go. The Nordic Centre is located at about 1200 metres, even if the town is at 450. So we'll still be racing at altitude, even though it si considerably lower than in France. We weren't able to try out the race trails yesterday because they had just had a U23/World Juniors Championships here and had to regroom and prepare everything for our World Cup. We ended up skiing on some very nice recreational trails though. They were wooded and very soft. It snowed the whole time we were out.

In the afternoon, I went and relaxed in the sauna that our landlady has in her basement. It was very nice once we actually figured out how to work it. A bunch of the others went into Freiburg. I wanted to go too, but I guess I took too long in the sauna. I hope we can go again sometime. Apparently, there is a really cool cathedral.

Tonight we have the Opening Ceremonies for this World Cup, and I was told last night that Kaspar and company had nominated ME to carry the flag, because I'm "the most improved athlete at these World Cups." That was a nice surprise! I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow. Better go get ready for skiing now. Good morning from the rainy Black Forest!

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  1. Hey, CONGRATULATIONS! I must say, that's pretty exciting that you get to carry the flag. Well, I have to go to the gym so good luck with the Opening Ceremonies and your races tomorrow.